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Alan Pollack

Alan Pollack has been playing the piano since he was 8 years old. He holds a B.A. in Music from Brooklyn College CUNY, and a PhD in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Pennsylvania. After retiring from a 35-year Boston-based career in software engineering he relocated to Richmond in 2015 where he has returned to his first love, the piano.

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The name of the full group is Klezm’Or’Ami’m (which translates into “klezmer musicians from Congregation Or Ami, a dynamic sacred community grounded in Reform Judaism.” Hebrew is a remarkably concise language). When we play private parties like weddings or bar mitzvahs we’re usually only three or four people, and then we’re “Klezm’Or’or’Less.” The late Alan Smith founded the group around 1994 as a study group, but we just couldn’t keep such a good thing to ourselves…

The members of Klezm’Or’Ami’m include a Ph.D., a pediatrician, a cardiologist, an association executive, three computer mavens, a hair stylist, a reluctant entrepreneur, three teachers, a music school owner, three grandparents, two native Yiddish speakers, a Holocaust survivor, a flautist, a violinist, a clarinetist, a trumpetist, a trombonist, a saxophonist, a bassist, a drummer, two keyboard players, an accordionist, an ukulele player, two vocalists, and a manager — and we’re only ten people!

Martin Caplan, violin

Alyssa Freeman, saxophone

Rich Goldberg, piano & keyboards, uke

Bruce Gould, drums

Jeff Hanzel, trumpet
Henri Maizels, flute

Marcy Horwitz, piano, accordion & keyboards

Malik Riley, clarinet

Peter Sims, double bass & electric bass

Art Todras, vocals, brass

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My Son, The Doctor

My Son the Doctor plays an eclectic, infectiously danceable mix of Eastern European, Balkan, and Mediterranean folk musics, with an emphasis on Yiddish, Hebrew, and Romani traditions: Klezmer dance tunes, Yiddish folk and theater songs, Israeli folk songs, Chassidic songs, Ladino songs, contemporary and traditional Roma songs, and Balkan pop.

Rudlin Torah Academy

Weinstein JCC Preschool

Two pre-K four- and five-year old classes singing songs that reflect Jewish traditions and values.
Taught by teachers Susan Quick & PJ George of Room 13 and Melissa Longstaff & Sarah Schlussel of Room 7.